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Cuz If Don’t Say I’m The Best Tell Me Who The Hell Will

I love my brand. A Bunch Of Deckheads is like a child to me. I feel incredibly fortunate since what started out as a hobby, a side hustle has now become a full time concern which I monetise from. I get to play figuratively and literally. It reminds of MCA of The Beastie Boys line in No Sleep Til Brooklyn my job ain’t a job it’s a damn good time. What might seems like work to others is play to me. 


I’m proud of the work my team has done to date, I could be bias of course but I think what we do is the shit and we’re only getting better, it’s just a matter of time before we convince others to feel the same. In the interim check out our Spotify Playlists. 


A Bunch Of Deckheads Spotify 90s RnB playlist. A suitable accompaniment for whether you're working or entertaining and want something radio friendly music because the kids deh bout then click the link below. Beats Magic or Smooth FM. 




A Bunch Of Deckheads Spotify 90s Hip Hop playlist. You're clanging and banging soundtrack for the gym even when it's leg day man dem. We know how much you hate leg day.




A Bunch Of Deckheads Spotify 00s RnB playlist. I could be guilty of historical bias here but this playlist captures the period before Akon and David Guetta Fu£ked up RnB. How this has six likes I have no idea.




A Bunch Of Deckheads Spotify 00s Hip Hop playlist. This will get you through a tax return, a dead life personal best and thump down ah bwoy like you name Tyson. Straight up Bangers like Walls. 




A Bunch Of Deckheads Spotify Soul playlist. Not the shit you hear on every Soul compilation out there. Just some grown and sexy left field Soul shit. 




A Bunch Of Deckheads Spotify Not On The Radio playlist. I'm not going to insult your intelligence by expanding on the title. What I will say however is that this playlist does what DJs did Once Upon In A Rav break raves/artist. We might be on to something there. 




You're welcome. 












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