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The title of this post is a bit rich given it was meant to be out on Friday. I’m not making any excuses as I detest them so apologies. What I’m applauding however is the discipline of the DJs on the roster who’ve been consistent by way of the mashups we’ve put out over the last year. We’re now at Volume 13. 


A conversation which has led to a body of work that I’m proud of. Discipline is everything. 


You’re nothing without discipline. Discipline is doing what you hate to do but do it like you love it. 

Mike Tyson 


It hasn’t been easy and I would imagine that I pissed them off on a number of occasions but it’s always been about the work. Ultimately the work always got done and for that those motherfuckers have my utmost respect despite me being on arsehole. 


Better never stops. If you haven’t already check out the latest compilation. Click the link below.





Also check out our YouTube channel Deckhead TV were we aim to deconstruct world class practitioners in the music industry, teasing out routines, the habits, the influences such as favourite books and so on that make them good at what they do. The aim of the series is to unearth the things you can nick and replicate in your own life, it's what a Deckhead does.




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