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I was recommended by a friend to an event company for a very lucrative gig for BMW. I qualified the gig and thought I’d be up for that. I’m told them I’m too old to be playing Taylor Swift ann shit misspelling intended, so if that’s the case I’m not your guy. The contact assured me that wasn’t going to be the case. They needed a mix, picture and bio like yesterday. I told them hold that thought as I was at the gym clanging and banging like a malnourished Rock. 


Came home, knocked out a mix in one take and was in their inbox by 12am. The feedback was positive and was told they’d be in touch. It was a no. Apparently they went with another event company. Was I disappointed? A tad. The paper was nice. 


Overall what impressed me with was my response. The opportunity inconvenienced me massively and there was the pressure of delivering a mix with little time to prepare. I managed to exceed the event company’s expectations by turning around their requirements as quickly as I did. What did I glean from this? Have no expectations of others. If they exceed them Merry Fucking Christmas, if they don’t Merry Fucking Christmas. Exceed others expectations by owning what you can own. The reward is in the act not the reward itself. If I kept that up I’ll be sorted like a pack of peanuts. 


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