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For as long as I can remember I’ve never had the most conventional aspirations. The majority of which I fell short of realising, there’s a litanty of reasons. The irony with goals is not necessary their attainment which more frequently than not tends to be transient. One of the highlights of my DJ’ing career to date was opening for Stormzy at Snowboxx. The attention and adulation that ensued barely bore any significance since I was alone. With no family or friends to share the experience with, it may as well not happened. I’m not about to get this Pity Party started right, I had a remarkable time nonetheless. 


What I learned however is the goal itself is not the reward, it’s who we become during its attainment. The attributes, habits, quirks and dare I say idiosyncrasies are exponential, encouraging congruence. What lead to the Snowboxx gig lead to more. There's utility in process. Failure is part of that and part payment for success. You get what you pay for, so Imma keep shooting.


If you haven't already check out our Spotify Not On The Radio Playlist. It's the 5hit even if I do say so myself. 





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