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Bill Bowman coach of the legendary Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps devised the acronym WIN, What’s Important Now when working together. Bowan states that the difference between Phelps and other swimmers was if they don’t feel good, they wouldn't swim good. This was not the case with Phelps who would swim well regardless of how he felt, his action towards his goal was his main priority and we know how that played out.


This got me thinking about the aftermath of the Euro Finals. It begs belief, the criticism they received. Let’s put this in perspective, it’s a fucking game, no one died. I understand the historical significance and what it would have meant had England won, it’s still a game nonetheless. There has to be a winner and loser. 


It’s an astounding accomplishment for a nineteen-year-old to position themselves to be considered to deliver in a situation of such magnitude. I disagree with them being too young, if they were deemed capable to play then why not, taking penalties is a prerequisite of the game. Besides, I would imagine that this was a scenario they would have  rehearsed on numerous occasions growing up learning to play the game. It's what every aspiring young athlete dreams of realising.


What tickles me about those who took issue with the Rashford, Sancho and Saka missing their penalties and the shameful shit they spewed behind their keyboards is why weren’t they on hand for Gareth Southgate to call on to take a penalty? Maybe they weren’t capable of doing so, perhaps they were at some point but didn’t feel like putting in the work or they were too preoccupied with relieving themselves of their pent up frustrations with the aid of a FHM centrefold magazine pinup in their bedroom's. 


What those young men have achieved to date is remarkable. There was call to triumph which they were brave enough to answer. So they fell short, the fact they answered the call make them winners in my eyes nonetheless. 

We don't quit. We don't cower. We don't run. We endure and conquer.

Kobe Bryant


Who at 18 shot four air balls in a must-win playoff game against the Utah Jazz which the Lakers lost in overtime 98-93 and went on to become a Five time NBA Champion 


Well-done lads. I for one am proud of you.


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