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Hard Knock Life

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The quality of your life is determined by the one thing, doing hard shit. The awkward conversations, the mundane routines where the novelty has worn the fuck off, fill in the gap. When we confront hard things with time they becomes easier and you’ll be capable of more. Comfort is insidious. The personal validation you’ll find from doing hard shit despite the outcome is intoxicating.  

You’re welcome

It’s Alright, I feel it

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That’s pretty much how I feel about all the content I produce. Having run a Business-to-business (B2B) where one business makes a commercial transaction with another, our ventures now involve selling direct to consumer. 

On face value it could be argued that the work to date isn’t resonating with the market, given in my eyes it’s alright and I feel it. What I would add is empathy is at the heart of everything we do. Do we want to make a couple of quid? Abso-fucking-lutely. However, we want to make what our customer thinks sounds and looks great, more. With that in mind I think we’ll be Alright.



Times A Wastin

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When I was younger I was consumed with the acquisition of things. Wrecked with insecurities about myself I believed they would give me a sense of self, they didn’t. Now’s I ah man mi jus’ a jus' a burn collie weed in a chalwa. I just a rub it in a chalwa. Well that’s not exactly true, the song just occurred to me while writing. Now I’m older I place more value on my health, time and energy.

My laptop was on death’s door, so I decided to replace it. Customarily, I used to buy them from Apple but due to the protracted nature to get them repaired and the cost if the truth be told, I began buying them from independent retailers which with time became an ordeal itself. With the need for another one, habitually I bought one from an independent retailer given I need to watch the pounds like Weight Watchers right now. Just because you’re accustomed to doing something, it doesn’t necessarily translate that you should keep doing it.

Fuck me, what a God awful, decision that was. While the laptop was within my budget it cost me way more in terms of the time wasted trying to resolve the issues that came with it. Fucked me right off, but I only have myself to blame. Money is a poor master, great slave. Our health and time are our most valuable assets, with the object of money I believe being to facilitate them as best as we can. Got to go and unpack my new MacBook, not the kind of pounds I care to be losing, I’m skinny enough. 


Luv U Better

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My designer and myself parted ways last week. A disagreement occurred concerning the delivery of a piece of work. Admittedly his departure will derail our output but only momentarily. Immensely talented he will be missed but the truth of the matter is I quite relish the challenge ahead as opposed to feeling aggrieved. I feel I have every right to feel aggrieved, but I’d rather focus on the possibility. Possibility creates more possibilities, that’s a lot of possibilities but you get my gist. Toward better I’d say.



Deep Inside

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I was listening to Deep Work by Professor Cal Newport on Blinkist, I thoroughly recommend both the App and book. Blinkist is a book-summarising subscription service providing summaries of over 3,000 bestselling non-fiction books, 15-minute reads, otherwise known as Blinks. 

In short he argues that there three types of people who will survive and prosper. Owners of/access to capital, those who work with intelligent tech and my personal fav Superstars in their field. Superstars master hard things and produce at an elite level. That’s the 5hit I’m talking about. Professor Newport believes this is attained by way of cultivating a deep work ethic. 

Being busy is different to being productive. Unfocused work is the worst form of laziness. If you’re doing 5hit and haven’t done 5hit you may as well not do 5hit. It’s a bit rich me talking about Deep Work when I’m referring to the Blinkist as oppose to having read the book itself, it inspired me nonetheless. Key takeaways, focus on the wildly important and practice rigorous accountability. Works for me. 

A Dream’s A Dream

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What is a Deckhead? I don’t think I’ve actually communicated that before, so here goes.  I’ll tell what it’s not. A vinyl enthusiast, a turntablism, crate digger or a DJ purist. It’s a mindset which proceeds the all of the above and more.  

Despite having a poor hand, you play like you’re going to win the fucking game. Serendipity, the due consideration of others, circumstances for that matter have no bearing on what you do. You’ll look for the circumstances you want and if you can’t find them, you’ll make them.  

A Deckhead finds utility in learning especially the difficult shit, since it has an exponential impact on your life and others. That is what it means to be a fucking Deckhead. 

I want my brand to represent, to coin a phrase from Minnie Ripperton the notion of fooling impossibility. Not blind naivety but the courage, the discipline and the tenacity to achieve what you want, gambling responsibly, betting on yourself. 

I think there’s an idea for a T Shirt there.


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