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Deep Inside

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I was listening to Deep Work by Professor Cal Newport on Blinkist, I thoroughly recommend both the App and book. Blinkist is a book-summarising subscription service providing summaries of over 3,000 bestselling non-fiction books, 15-minute reads, otherwise known as Blinks. 

In short he argues that there three types of people who will survive and prosper. Owners of/access to capital, those who work with intelligent tech and my personal fav Superstars in their field. Superstars master hard things and produce at an elite level. That’s the 5hit I’m talking about. Professor Newport believes this is attained by way of cultivating a deep work ethic. 

Being busy is different to being productive. Unfocused work is the worst form of laziness. If you’re doing 5hit and haven’t done 5hit you may as well not do 5hit. It’s a bit rich me talking about Deep Work when I’m referring to the Blinkist as oppose to having read the book itself, it inspired me nonetheless. Key takeaways, focus on the wildly important and practice rigorous accountability. Works for me. 

A Dream’s A Dream

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What is a Deckhead? I don’t think I’ve actually communicated that before, so here goes.  I’ll tell what it’s not. A vinyl enthusiast, a turntablism, crate digger or a DJ purist. It’s a mindset which proceeds the all of the above and more.  

Despite having a poor hand, you play like you’re going to win the fucking game. Serendipity, the due consideration of others, circumstances for that matter have no bearing on what you do. You’ll look for the circumstances you want and if you can’t find them, you’ll make them.  

A Deckhead finds utility in learning especially the difficult shit, since it has an exponential impact on your life and others. That is what it means to be a fucking Deckhead. 

I want my brand to represent, to coin a phrase from Minnie Ripperton the notion of fooling impossibility. Not blind naivety but the courage, the discipline and the tenacity to achieve what you want, gambling responsibly, betting on yourself. 

I think there’s an idea for a T Shirt there.


Never Stop

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You may or may not know that in addition to everything else I’m currently writing a book. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. The range of emotions I’ve gone through has been exhausting from: 


Who is this book is for?


How should it read?


This first draft is shit.


Actually, this is the shit!


Who the fuck am I to write a book?


Should I say this?


The trick I’ve learned is as with anything is to keep going. When I don’t feel like writing that’s when I write and when I do it feels fucking intoxicating. I’m trying to be the person I would want to emulate, that creates the energy and necessity to never want to stop.


I’ll be adding a slogan range to my merch collection encouraging the above. Check out the merch designs to date.




The Chase

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With the range of social media platforms there’s the impulse to believe that by being an early adopter and curating on them it’s a shortcut to build engagement in your brand. I’ll be brutally honest with you, I think A Bunch Of Deckheads content is the shit. The numbers and engagement to date however suggest otherwise, which is fine. 

I remind myself of the following:

Show up

Be brave

Be generous

Be patient

Own my real estate and assets 

If Donald Trump, can get taken off Twitter I most definitely can. With time I’d like to believe it will add up. With that said I can’t believe the Bunch Of Deckheads compilation is up to Vol 9.

To listen click link below.



Let Me Show You The Way To Go

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It’s no secret that I’m a massive Kobe fan, his passing hit me hard. With it being a year since his death on the 26th January understandably there were a number of tributes. An interview was shown where he was asked how he would like to be remembered:

“I’ve always said that I wanted to be remembered as a player that didn’t waste a moment. Didn’t waste a day. I felt extremely blessed with a God-given talent. At the same time, I didn’t take it for granted at all. So if I could be remembered as a person with a lot of talent, but did everything he could to overachieve and lived every day like if he’s was the 12th guy on the bench. 

Kobe Byrant

That spoke volumes to me. Kobe had one of the most decorated NBA careers yet that was his mentality, better never stops. With the repositioning of the Deckhead imprint there’s a lot of work that lies ahead. Rightly or wrongly it is my intent to forge ahead as if I got a chip on my shoulder, what I think of my brand is irrelevant. I will however be relentless in my efforts to prove it. 

Miss you Kobe


The Choice Is Yours

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I’ve come to the realisation that in order for this imprint to grow, I need to be mindful that the choices I make which lead to more of the same are ones that I in fact relish. 







Choices like the above I believe will only serve the Deckhead imprint in good stead.

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